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My name is Jan and in more than 20 years I became a:

Software Developer

About Me

Programming Minecraft mods and plugins at an age of 14, I slid into the world of programming.

While studying computer science at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, I began to work as a full-stack web-developer at PCSG. This job brought me a lot of field experience that complements the theoretical knowledge of my bachelor's studies. Before receiving my bachelor's degree, I was already a full-fledged web developer.

By now I'm studying for my master's degree in computer science at FernUniversität in Hagen and still work for PCSG. But besides plain programming I also conceptualize, plan and manage large projects for customers.

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These are the most outstanding skills I mastered over time and use every day at work:

Web Development Illustration

Web Development

Planning and programming websites from small landing pages to large shops with a variety of sytems and technologies.

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Project Management

Ensuring customer satisfaction, activity & resource planning, estimating costs and controlling time management on a daily basis.

App Development Illustration

App Development

Designing and developing native or hybrid mobile apps for Android and iOS. Primarily by using Ionic Framework or Flutter.

Problem Solving Illustration

Problem Solving

Identifying and abstracting problems, analyzing the current and target state, making a plan, executing it and evaluating the result.

Server Management Illustration

Server Management

Setting up and updating Linux servers, optimization and tuning of webservers and databases to prevent down-times.

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Analyzing and improving a website's content to increase the visibility in search results, which leads to better quality and quantity of traffic.


The following are projects I worked on. Click/Tap on a card for further information.

Project management and development of the following websites:
The websites allow the rental and purchase of construction machinery and equipment.
HKL Logo

QUIQQER is a flexible content management system developed by PCSG. It's a fast and easy way to realize complex projects and the backbone of many websites and shops

I helped building it from the ground up by writing extensions, fixing bugs and lots of testing.

QUIQQER Logo is one of the leading communities for construction(-machinery).

It's based on the Invision Community Platform. I was responsible for a major software upgrade, a complete rework of the theme and the integration of a video-portal into the site.

Bauforum24 Logo

Sequry is a password manager developed by PCSG. It's main feature and unique selling point is the sharing of passwords with other users and groups.

In my bachelor thesis I searched, found and resolved security flaws of Sequry.

Sequry Logo

NerdSpot is a calendar/tool that informs about nerdy events of the current day.

I helped develop it's calendar features as part of a hackathon at PCSG.

Nerdspot Logo is a landing page for the 50th anniversary of HKL-Baumaschinen.

Planning the project's costs and time expenditure as well as the coordination of the customer's needs, the design-agency and the developers were my tasks.

Bau die Welt besser Logo

STEEMPUNK-NET was a MMORPG based on the Steem blockchain that could be played in the browser.

I helped develop the game as part of a hackathon at PCSG.

Steempunk Logo

Startup Promotion List is an iOS and Android app based on the Ionic Framework. It shows sites that can be used to promote products and helps tracking which sites were already used.

Based on an intern's project I re-wrote and -designed the entire app.

Startup Promotion List Logo

Candyman is a webshop for food- and gastronomy-equipment based on QUIQQER.

I helped to plan and manage the migration from an old version of xt:Commerce to QUIQQER.

Candyman Logo

neXGam is a blog and forum about old and modern video games based on the WoltLab Suite.

A major upgrade of the forum software and a rework of the design were done by me.

neXgam Logo

IBAN-Test is a website and API to validate and generate IBANs.

It was one of my first projects at PCSG where I build and designed it from scratch. As an intern is porting it now to QUIQQER I act as an instructor.

IBAN-Test Logo

my.eListing is a website that generates embeddable sliders with images and information of an eBay user's auctions.

This was my first project at PCSG where I helped extend the site with more modern sliders.

my.eListing Logo

Passdora is a small ready-out-of-the-box on-premise server hosting Sequry.

During an internship, I designed, build, configured, developed and tested the system based on a Raspberry Pi.

Passdora Logo
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Here are some programs, tools and programming languages that I mastered and use on a regular basis:

bootstrap Logo
chrome Logo
docker Logo
drupal Logo
facebook Logo
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mysql Logo
raspberry-pi Logo
sass Logo
Stack Overflow
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Ionic Logo
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Composer Logo
Kubuntu Logo

And probably some more…